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Six months. 182.5 days. You get the idea. A lot of time has passed and I’m not entirely sure where it has gone. The dust has settled and daily life has fallen into a normal, mundane routine. Friends and family from afar keep asking how it’s going? What’s new? And I’ve honestly run out of things to say. Probably why this is the first time I’m posting in months (sorry about that).

This weekend was a prime example. Saturday we spent lazing about the house clearing emails whilst the kids played. Today we went for a drive to Geraldine to catch the end of the annual Geraldine Festival (previously the Geralidine Art and Flower Show which I kind of like the sound of better). When we got back, I ran around and tidied up, cleaned the bathroom and did the dishes whilst Mr. Right (aka Hubby) mowed the grass. There was a rather endearing moment when he came running in as he had seen a butterfly as big as his hand.

I went dashing out, “Oh, that’s just a Monarch. They’re as common as muck here.”

It’s not exactly riveting stuff. However, as we walked through the Geraldine Domaine under the weeping willows and pass the free-to-play tennis courts, I was struck by how damn lucky we are to be here.

Talking about Kiwi life…

It’s not been without its up and downs. Trying to get the shopping and electric bills down has been a daily struggle but we are slowly figuring out ways to make savings. We are also adapting to the slang here.

  • Jandals = Japanesse sandals
  • Chilli bin = cool box
  • Good as gold = ok
  • Sweet as = also ok
  • Hard case = funny guy (not a menace)
  • Cruisey = laid back
  • How ya goin’ = Hi

One ‘cruisey’ cat

Introducing our Kiwi cat

We also adopted a cat. A work friend of Mr Right’s fosters dogs and there’s a whole back story but she’s great at scaring off the mice and other cats who keep using the garden as a cat litter tray. She is a pretty ‘cruisey’ cat. Sleeps all day. Malts quite a bit. Can’t leave the cat flap alone. Loves her belly being scratched.

In other news, I went for a job interview. It did not go well. I was nervous. And it felt weird talking about my UK life. Almost like I was cheating on it. Or it was dead. I guess it was good to practise but I definitely need to up my game. Winging it never works out too well for me.

Fiordland National Park in spring

A glimpse of Milford Sound

We also had a wee holiday over to Te Anau and Milford Sound in Fiordland National Park as a little reccy to see what all the fuss is about. Apart from one or two days of sunshine, it rained. Alot. Apparently, that’s what it does there. It was a real shame that we couldn’t do any of the boat rides but we didn’t think dragging the little people along would be fun for them or the other passengers. And when I finally get to see the glow worms, I want it to be magical. Check back soon for more photos and info on what we got up to.

P.S. Full confesion, I should have posted this months ago but life keeps getting in the way!

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