Welcome to Kiwishful, my travel blog charting the trials and tribulations of immigrating to New Zealand with my young family. I spent my childhood much like a boomerang flying back and forth between the UK, where I was born, and Australia. In contrast, my adult life was rooted in England’s south coast where I met my lovely husband and started our family.

Fast forward several years and wanderlust had us longing to explore uncharted territory. As a travel copywriter, I was keen to do more than just dream of distant shores. Likewise, my husband, a continental lorry driver was eager to tackle new terrain and test his driving mettle.

It was a chance Facebook post though that lead to us packing our bags for a flight to the far side of the world. One of Husband’s work friends, who had previously joked about immigrating to New Zealand, had taken the plunge and was proudly posting pictures of his exciting new life. It was too tantalising a prospect not to follow up.

After hours of internet research, several Skype interviews, much form filling and plenty of chewed nails later, here we are in the port city of Timaru. Husband is now a trucky driving mammoth truck and trailers across New Zealand’s South Island and loving it. Meanwhile, I’m busy setting up home and looking after our youngest until she is old enough to go into childcare and I can re-join the workforce.

While it’s still early days, the four of us are enjoying our kiwi adventure. That’s not to say it has all been smooth sailing and there have been moments when I have questioned our decision to immigrate to New Zealand. Overall though, I’m glad we took the chance.

“Why bother putting another blog out into the blogosphere?” I hear you ask.
“Surely there are plenty out there already”.

Well, I’ve never been very good at keeping a diary and a blog is more a promise of maintaining a consistent record of this life-changing experience. Something that I can look back on in later life when I’ve forgotten the nitty-gritty and coated my memories in the rose-tinted veneer of nostalgia. The kids may even want to read it. Plus, after being on maternity leave for several months, it’s an excellent way to keep my hand in the writing game and stop me from becoming too rusty! Mainly though, it’s just to keep me sane.

So, if you enjoy living vicariously through others and/or are considering pulling the rug out from under your own life to immigrate to New Zealand, then this is the blog for you.

I hope you enjoy following our antics!

Suzanne x